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Old 05-14-2020, 05:22 PM
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Post Not actually a Porsche owner...

So, this is a pretty odd situation. I don't actually have a Porsche, of any kind, nor are they really in my price range for the time being.

What I do have are several boxes of parts from my neighbor's Boxster (2017?), which got dropped off at my house (the neighborhood car guy) as they cleaned out their garage before moving. Seems like a mix of original parts they replaced and parts taken back off before the lease was up, but I could be totally off. I'll be including the part numbers on boxes I have, but I don't know whether they're correct. Can send pictures of any of it that you'd like.

I've enjoyed my time on other automotive forums, finding parts I needed, so I thought I'd check here and see if any [I]real[I] enthusiasts were looking to pick up the parts before I just went to eBay or wherever else.

PN #970613045501E0 Steering Column Switch
PN #00004460270 16 regular and 4 security lug bolts, with the special socket
PN #982807813A Front License Plate Bracket
PN #99155398102Bx3 silver rectangular console trim piece
Another license plate bracket with a bunch of part numbers but none that seemed to lead anywhere
PN #99104480121C9A Two (black) painted keyless ignition switches
PN # 99155219405V08 A neat fold-out double cupholder
A center console lid in black, done in some kind of leather finish (not sure real or fake leather, didn't tear open bag)
A steering wheel done in that same black leather, with silver detail on the inside and paddle shifters (no airbag)
A PDK shift knob, silver and that same black leather-ish material
A pair of black plastic OEM door handle inserts
A Box Labelled "Dash Pieces" which includes:
-some chrome/black switch bezel with two holes in it
-a small rectangular chrome piece
-a chrome piece that's all right angles on one side, and curved on the other
Also a box of exhaust parts with a chrome exhaust tip, a muffler pipe clamp, a gasket, a few nuts, and some big piece I couldn't find a name for but that looks like it'd maybe loop around a muffler

Everything looks to be just about new, with the exception of the lug bolts, which show some wear on the heads. Hopefully this doesn't get me kicked, was going to just post it under classifieds, but had to make my intro in this section first.
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